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CN Bazaar offers drop shipping for school backpacks, wholesale backpacks in small and large sizes and genuine leather celebrity purses. We are proud to provide the customer with  top quality genuine leather handbags, wallets and accessories in the latest trendy styles. Our efficient order processing system provides the customers with high quality merchandise and outstanding customer service.

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CNBAZAAR.COM - Wholesale Of Leather Backpacks And Fashion Accessories

Backpack hand bags and purse distributors and suppliers offer a viable solution for businesses with limited storage space and limited funds to purchase and stock a large selection of genuine leather handbags. We have thousands of wholesale backpacks, leather celebrity purses and accessories to provide quality genuine leather products at cheap prices with the variety customers crave.

Our extensive inventory of genuine leather bags includes fashionable styles to satisfy all your customers. We have wholesale backpacks in small purse sizes and larger backpacks that are perfect for school, work, or carrying items for the kids. We have backpacks in many sizes, styles and colors, including basic colors like black, white and cream, as well as brighter shades and the latest trends.

As a premier online wholesaler of top quality genuine leather handbags, we continuously strive to provide the customer with the best customer service and efficient processing of all orders. If you are interested in our service for drop shipping school backpacks, wholesale backpacks, genuine leather bags, and leather celebrity purses, please browse our website. You can view photographs and read descriptions to learn more about the quality of our products and find more information about how the drop shipping process works. If you have any questions, please view our FAQ section or contact us.